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What I do

Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design
    Graphics and media are the engaging elements of website design. By adapting graphics and media, I bring out your personality. Optimizing your media for the best viewing experience is an essential part of good website design.
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Website Design
  • Website Design
    Whether simple or complex, websites should be easy to use and visually appealing. Content should draw in and inform your clients. When it comes to SEO rankings and user satisfaction, your content and performance are your main assets.
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  • Brand Design
    Your Brand represents your values, products and services. It creates a unique identity that will be associated with your business. Your brand will become an integral part of your website and graphic materials.
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  • Image Design
    On websites and in print, images engage the viewer and convey credibility. With custom photography I can provide specific images that reflect your products and services. Professional processing enhances your entire portfolio.
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How I work with my clients

Many of my clients know the importance of a website but don't know where to start. With my diverse background I explain the process and provide step by step assistance.
Before and during the design of your website, I will take the time to understand your business and your goals.

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A successful website design requires a trusted relationship. The design process will evolve through an understanding of your goals, target audience and personality. As the design progresses, I will work with you to meet the needs of your target audience.

Graphic Design

My graphic designs incorporate all the best graphic-design techniques to enhance your brand image.

Print, Brand Identity: Logo, Stationary & Business Cards, News and Magazine Ads, Large-Format Printing, Signage, Icons, Animated videos, & Email Campaigns

Home Brochure

Home Brochure

Large format brochures


Hand-out brochures


Techimical brochures


Product representations

Website Design & Support

I provide complete and innovative web solutions for desktop and mobile with the latest responsive website design techniques.

Importance of Performance

If you are providing a website for you business or organization, it is very important that you offer the best viewing experience possible. Today, however, providing the best viewing experience includes an increasing number of viewing devices.

Computing Devices

Today some 60% of website access is with smaller mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Displaying the same website content to these smaller devices results in a poor user experience.

A responsive website design recognizes the different device sizes and adjusts the content to display in an optimal manner.

If your website is not based on a Responsive Design, you will be at a disadvantage with many of your visitors and with SEO ranking.

fluid Design

Typical performance ratings on my website designs

Overall Performance

Overall Design

Mobile Performance

Mobile Design

SEO Performance

SEO Design

Brand Design

James Ratliff Gallery
Urban Towns

Photography & Image Processing

Photos and images selected and customized for all your needs convey a professional, authentic and friendly personality.